Colour Range

We have a wide variety of colours options. In addition to the range below, we also supply and lay River stone, Kaimai Stone, Limestone, Bluestone and any other stone currently available.


Extracted from the heart of the Raggedy Range – its colours range from almost chocolate brown to a warm tan. Processing reveals it's broader bank stratification of off-white and dark grey with a warm brown hue


From the Tarras quarry. Sporadic brown stone faces can also be expected. Often the mixture of Alexandra and Clutha Stone make a very attractive combination and colour range.


The local stone for the Waikato. Nice range of brown/red/greys and can be laid with larger stones within the wall/pillar to make this a very unique finish.

Movern Hill

Movern Hill Stone is extracted from a remnant of a mountain worn down by successive ice ages. It is stratified grey with a very subtle warm brown to soften the overall colour.


From the Ida valley. The colour is earthy grey with gentle brown. Occasional soft brown stone faces are also typical. Poolburn also produces some superb paving stone, with a marbled colouring of grey to red brown.


Extracted from the Gibbston Valley. A warm grey with a hint of rusty brown.


Extracted from the Cluden Station Valley in the Tarras region. A light grey base with rich brown intermingled.

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